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On foot, we have look at Capitol Reef by taking a walk at the end of the Scenic Drive at the Capitol Gorge. The first part of the walk is very hot, but when we walk in the shade it was cool and we can see the rock walls up close. Previously these were big rocks on the bottom of the sea, now standing high above the road. The holes in the rocks show the the gas bubbles that used to be trapped in the rock walls. The rocks becoming dry caused the gas to escape and created this unique relief in the walls. Occasionally some cars pass us that have driven into Capitol Gorge. With a RV, this path is off limits.
Because cars drive here as well the trail is in good condition. We feel small between these high rock walls and look forward to look everywhere to see the beauty of this piece of Capitol Reef. When we encounter a curve to the left we decide to walk back. Event though how beautiful it is, the scenery will not really change and we will start seeing more of the same. We walk back through Capitol Gorge to the parking lot and drive back along the Scenic Drive to the campground.

The advantage of this is that you can walk into the Capitol Gorge as far as you like. If you do not like it, turn around and go back. The hike shows a very special piece of Capitol Reef and is certainly worth it if you have the time to stop at Capitol Reef.

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