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The next stop in our journey Capitol Reef National Park. The park is 160 km long and quite narrow. Capitol Reef only became a National Park in 1971, but since then thousands of visitors come every year.
Capitol Reef was formed millions of years ago, by a fold in the crust later called the Colorado Plateau. The Water Pocket Fold is a line of 160 km long along Capitol Reef National Park and provides the diversity and beautiful views in this National Park.

The U.S. Highway 24 goes through Capitol Reef, but unfortunately, few visitors stop to enjoy the beauty of nature. We arrange a place at the Fruita campground and go on the raod with our RV and explore Capitol Reef National Park. We drive to Panorama Point and walk to Sunset Point where we enjoy the beautiful views of the setting sun. The colors of the rocks changed much in the evening light, so that it really is a must to see.
Another way to explore Capitol Reef with RV or car is to drive the Scenic Drive. Every kilometer you will find a nice view. The road is in a wash out area, so if much water is likely to fall or has already fallen, you should look for roads that have flooded. For more information you can get always contact the visitor center.

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