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One of the National Parks of Utah is Arches National Park. This National Park is located near Moab. The entrance of the park is on U.S. Highway 191.
From the entrance you drive uphill through some hairpin bends. We drive to Wolfe Ranch where we walk to Delicate Arch. A beautiful walk that goes uphill. The walk is approximately 5 km long and it is recommended that each person carries at least 1 liter of water. This walk is very hot in full sun. At Delicate Arch people are queuing up to take a picture with someone in the Arch. The Arch is really so large that you find little left of people in the picture.

In the parking lot we decide to drive to Devils Garden Trail Head, where we walk to Navajo Arch, Landscape Arch, Partition Arch, Double O Arch and Pine Tree Arch. From there we drive the RV to the exit of the park. En route we stop at Fiery Furnace View Point and enjoy the view. The next stop is at Turret Arch, North Window and South Window. There is also a nice view over the North Window and South Window from Turret Arch. We also stop at Balanced Rock and the Petrified Dunes viewpoint.

Because you can drive your own car through the park it is possible to see the whole park in 1 day at your own pace. We have done most of the walks in the park and have the idea that we have seen all that lies a short walk from the parking lots.

Arches National Park is, if you're near Moab, definitely worth driving through!

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