Hiking among the Giant Sequoias in Mariposa Grove - Yosemite - USA

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In Yosemite are the highest living trees on earth. These Giant Sequoias are found in Mariposa Grove. These Giant Sequoias are also called Sierra Redwoods. This is because the red trunk of these trees. The largest tree is about 90 meters high. The Grizzly Giant has the largest circumference of about 28 meters and 9 meters diameter.
The oldest tree in Mariposa Grove is approximately 1900 - 2400 years old. Of the fallen trees, the growth rings are examined to determine the climate during the life of the tree.
Thus it became clear that the trees need fires to survive.
The Giant Sequoias were discovered by Galen Clark and Milton Mann, who gave the woods the name Mariposa Grove. Previously, spontaneous fires were extinguished which caused the wild growth of vegetation to choke the Giant Sequoias. New growth of young Sierra Redwoods was actually not present. In 80's a plan was set up to structurally burn areas of forest. The Giant Sequoias are now visible again with their beautiful red stems and new trees grow back into the forest of Mariposa Grove.

On a sunny day we drive to Wawona and take the shuttle bus to Mariposa Grove. We arrived at the parking and look for the route through the forest so we will see all well known trees.
We first come to the Fallen Monarch. This Giant Sequoia has fallen and gives a picture of the outline of the roots of these trees.
Then we walk to the Grizzly Giant and California Tunnel Tree. Most tourists walk back from here to the parking lot, but we decide to walk a little further. The following famous tree was the Faithful Couple followed by Clothespin Tree. From here we walk to the museum, it is not more than a building with some posters. Surrounded by ancient Giant Sequoias, the view and the surroundings are very beautiful! From the museum we walk to the Fallen Wawona Tunnel Tree and the Telescope Tree. The walk returns via the Clothespin and the Faithful Couple Tree back to the parking lot. Here we wait for the shuttle back to Wawona where our RV is parked.

When you walk in the forest of Giant Sequoias, you feel small. The trees are not boring or ordinary, they remain high, big, huge! If you are in Yosemite, make sure to visit the highest living trees on Earth, the Giant Sequoias in Mariposa Grove.

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