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One of the famous prisons in America is Alcatraz. Although Alcatraz was a military base for longer than it was a prison, it became better known as a prison. Our trip with audio tour started with a cruise from Pier 33. From here we walked with a guide to the Cell House of Alcatraz. The audio tour in English is largely spoken by ex-prisoners, making the story interesting.

The name Alcatraz was made up by Juan Manuel de Ayala, who mapped the Bay of San Francisco in 1775. The island was used as a military base. In 1934, the heavily guarded prison opened, but because of high maintenance costs it was closed in 1963.
Although San Francisco only 1.6 km away, is not possible to swim to shore in the cold water. It is said that no one ever escaped from Alcatraz, there are only a few prisoners which were lost during their outbreaks.
Today, Alcatraz is part of Golden Gate National Park and will not open again as a prison.

The tour was very informative and fun. When you walk into the jail, you feel like time has stood still.

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