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California is one of the states of the United States of America and with 35 million inhabitants is the state with the most inhabitants. The capitol is Sacramento, but the largest cities are Los Angeles and San Francisco.
The symbol of California is a bear, and the nickname of California is the "Golden State".
California is known for it's national parks and sights. California is also a state of extremes, the tallest living trees, but also the oldest living trees, the highest point (Mount Whitney) in the contiguous United States, but also the lowest point (Bad Water, Death Valley).
Because of the extremes California is very divers. So the state has mountains with ski resorts, but also deserts, glaciers, forests, lakes and beaches. California also has many animal and plant species.
A large part of our RV road trip went through the state of California. From the tallest living trees in Yosemite to the oldest living trees in Bristlecone Pines, the view of the highest mountain in California to the lowest point of Death Valley to the second largest city San Francisco.
The road trip in California was very nice, we enjoyed the many different views along the road. We also came across boring long straight roads, but that is also part of California - USA

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