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One of the most famous national parks of the United States of America is undoubtedly Grand Canyon National Park.
This mega Canyon is 446 km long, 29 km wide and 1.6 km deep. The creation of the Grand Canyon is due to the elevation of the Colorado Plateau. The Colorado River has carved the canyon through erosion.

For visitors a small part of the Grand Canyon is visible. The visitor center of Grand Canyon is located at Mather Point.
We had reserved a spot at the campsite in the Grand Canyon Village in the Grand Canyon National Park. The walk to the Market Plaza and the shuttle was not to bad. The shuttle system runs along a section of the canyon wall, the South Rim. There are stops en route at several places where you can enjoy the view. Also located along a large part of the route is a footpath. We have walked combined with bits on the shuttle.
The pieces of hiking gave a great view over the Grand Canyon. The bus took you faster to the next piece. To do everything with the bus is a sin. The best views are during the walking.
By the light of the evening sun, the Canyon turns beautifully red. Therefore, at Yavapai Point in the evening it was very busy. If you want to go to Yavapai Point take the shuttle early enough. There are more people with the same idea.
There are several nice short and long walks in the park. One of the hardest walks is from the top of the Canyon Wall to the Colorado River.
On the road to Page, we stopped at several viewpoints. First we stopped at Grand View Point and then at Navajo Point and Desert View. At Desert View is a historical watch tower.

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