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Antelope Canyon is one of the Canyons of Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon Navajo Tribal Park in Arizona. The Antelope Canyon is one of the few open canyons of the park. The only way to visit the Canyon is with a Navajo guide.

We booked the tour at the RV campground and we were picked up by a car. At the rally point we were all seated in different cars or vans and then we moved on and went out to Antelope Canyon. The guide told us that the Canyon is located in a Wash-out area. This erosion has created Antelope Canyon. Halfway through the Canyon is a log that indicates the level the water is at during a Wash Out.
Depsite we were there in the low season, it was very busy in the Canyon. There wasn't much time to take pictures and taking pictures without people in it is often difficult. The tour lasts approximately ninety minutes and is the most beautiful in the morning or in the evening. Then the light is most beautiful in Antelope Canyon.

Despite the crowds of visitors, Antelope Canyon is one of the most beautiful canyons we have ever seen! If you visit Arizona Canyon is definitely worth it.

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