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Arizona is one of the 50 states of the United States of America and borders on Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, California and New Mexico. The capitol is Phoenix and Arizona has around 5.7 million inhabitants.
The nickname of Arizona "the Grand Canyon State". This is because of the prominent location of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

A couple of attractions of Arizona are the Sky Walk and the Hoover dam. But Arizona also has many nature attractions, several of which we have visited.
Grand Canyon National Park, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon and Lake Powel.

The first inhabitants of Arizona were the Hopi and Navajo indian tribes. In Arizona there are still vast indian reservations of which the Navajo reservation is the largest. The Navajo reservation lies in 4 different states and is called the Four Corners reservation. A lot of these indians still live in Hogans, but are not nomadic anymore. The religion of the Navajo has deep roots, for example a female Hogan has 9 vertical beams representing a pregnancy, 12 layers in the roof for the months of the year and a total of 365 logs representing the days of the year.

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