Walking from Terlet over the Loenermark towards the Posbank - Gelderland

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On a sunny Saturday in January, the Netherlands covered by a layer of snow. Although it is cold, it's an ideal day for a fun and varied walk. Early in the morning on we park our car in the parking lot at Terlet.
From the parking lot we run the cattle grid on the way Heath Fields.

We walk through the snow on a white open plain and take the second road left. If we are on the edge of the forest, we turn right and walk further along the forest edge. We keep left and walk through the Imbosch. We walk through the woods and walk toward the heath field Loenermark. Although there is much snow we have here a magnificent view over the Veluwezoom National Park in winter. We turn right and walk toward the Posbank.

We walk over the Zilvensche heath and arrive at Kouwerik We walk further through the woods. At the foot of the Imboschberg we walk on the snow-covered heathland Rheder and Wort-Rhederheide. We follow the trail and get close to the parking field at the Herikhuizerveld near the Posbank. Here we have lunch on a bench on this cold January Saturday.

Here we turn right and walk back towards the car. We walk along the Rozendaalse Zand and cross a bike trail. We continue, because it is so cold, the bike path back in the direction of the car.

The walk is very nice and varied and can be done in all seasons. We made this hike in summer as well as in the winter. Along the walk there are no possibilities to buy any food or drinks. So you’ll have to bring your own food. You can walk to the pavilion Posbank, but that's an extra kilometer of walking.

Length: 23 km
Hight difference: Small parts up and down.

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