Walking from Herikhuizerveld along the Carolinahoeve to the Posbank - Gelderland

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Being on the Posbank on a sunny Sunday means it is quite busy in the parking lot. We park our car about a mile away at the parking lot Herikhuizerveld. This car park may be small, but there is enough room to park our car for a nice walk through the national park Veluwezoom.

We cross the road and walk left into the woods. Soon we arrive at the heath field Rheder-en Wort-Rhederheide. The first part of the walk soon shows that the Veluwe National Park is very diverse and offers great hiking possibilities. We regularly have a different view. Forest, open areas in the forest and heath alternated. Although the walk is nice, there no short cuts on this part of the walk. There are no paths shorter than the part we have walked. The paths that exists are either dead ends or not accessible.

When we arrive at the forest edge, we turn right and walk further along the forest edge in National Park the Veluwezoom. We take the first option to run right towards the Posbank. Otherwise the walk will be very long. After a long stretch slowly climbing, we arrive at the parking lot The Elsberg. After a short stop on a bench we walk through the National Park the Veluwezoom again. After about 200 meters we leave the paved road and we turn left on a forest path. This path leads to a special piece of forest. We walk through the woods and enjoy this beautiful part of the forest in National Park the Veluwezoom.

We walk almost the most logical route to the Carolina Hoeve. At the Carolina Hoeve is this very busy on this Sunday afternoon. Because the walk will be a little longer than planned we decide to continue our walk. Between avenues of trees, forest trails and cycle paths, we find a route to the Posbank. The road is quite easy to find because there are different paths of the Carolina Hoeve towards the Posbank. Here and there we decide to deviate from the route that has been set out by Natuurmonumenten. This brings us fewer other hikers and the walk towards the Posbank is nice and quiet. The last piece before the parking lot near the pavilion Posbank goes through the Onzalige Bossen. The Onzalige Bossen is a nice piece of forest to walk through. From the parking lot of the pavilion Posbank we run parallel to the road back to the parking Herikhuizerveld.

The walk is varied in views, but also in walking. In National Park Veluwezoom it is sometimes inevitable to use bridleways or cycle tracks as a walker. The route to get you to all kinds of walking trails what makes the walk so varied.

Length: 16 km
Height difference: Some small pieces up and down.

During this walk there are some possibilities to buy food and drinks. Bring your own food and drinks as well; it can be very hot in summer on open moorland.

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