West Terschelling and the Wadden Sea - Terschelling - The Netherlands

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Today we have to go back home, but the boat doesn't leave until 4 o'clock, so we have some time to spare. We leave the luggage at the hotel, the bike rental will pick it up later. We get on our bikes and head towards the west of Terschelling. At Midsland we hike a nice route through the dunes, heath and the forest. Afterwards we leave for West-Terschelling. We bring back our bikes and check if our luggage has arrived yet. The luggage isn't there yet, because of a misunderstanding the bike rental has forgotten to get it from our hotel. But because there is enough time left, our luggage will be picked up at the hotel. Because on sunday everything, except the catering industry, is closed in West-Terschelling we have an extended lunch. Afterwards we stroll through West-Terschelling and get on our boat. The "slow" ferry takes us back to Harlingen and we drive home by car. We arrive back at home at 8 o'clock and look back on a great long weekend on Terschelling.

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