Beach walk to Huuske van e hoek and the Boschplaat - Terschelling - The Netherlands

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Today the hike to the 'drenkelingenhuisje' (shipwreck house) and the Boschplaat are on the schedule. We get up early and have breakfast in the hotel. We get on our bikes towards the parking area at Paal 15. We park our bikes and start hiking towards the 'drenkelingenhuisje'. Luckily the wind has lied down and the sun started shining. We didn't bring any sun lotion, which might have been handy. The farther we get from the parking area, the more quiet it gets on the beach. A lonely fisherman and a covered wagon are about the only thing we see. Along the tidal line we continue relaxedly and we arrive at the house 2 hours later. We take some pictures and have lunch in the little house. Afterwards we cross the dunes and get on the hiking trail in the Boschplaat. From here we walk back towards our bikes. Halfway there we go back to the beach, the hiking trail isn't very good and we encounter a lot of cyclists taking the hiking trail to the North cape. On the beach we take our time walking back, without being bothered by cyclists. When we get back at our bikes we decide to stop at the pavilion 'Heartbreak Hotel' to eat something. We enjoy the evening sun and go back to the hotel. After dinner we go to bed early, it was a beautiful but exhausting day.

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