Walking near the Groene Pollen and over the Longway - Terschelling

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North of West-Terschelling is a special forest. The forest is constructed between 1914 and 1925, like most other forests on Terschelling. Initially, they planned little different kind’s trees. Later Staatsbosbeheer planted other types of trees and the forest became more diverse. The walk starts at the office of Forestry at the Longway.

The Longway is now a bike path, but it is a reminder to the Second World War. At the beginning of the Longway near West-Terschelling is a military cemetery with soldiers of different nationalities who were killed in and around Terschelling. The Longway runs from West-Terschelling to West aan Zee.

From the office of Forestry we walk the first part of the Longway. After a while we turn left and walk into the forest. We lanes pass Pine trees and Firs trees. This State Forest is busy rejuvenating the forest is clearly visible in at trees. By butting the crack of the tree, the tree dies and becomes food for fungi, insects and birds. This creates space for young trees. In large parts of the forest are pine trees removed and have made places for oak, birch and spruce etc.

During the walk you will cross the Longway and few times and walk along the dunes. The section 'leave alone' forest is the part forest where no foresting is done. Nature has a free hand, which makes it a special part of the forest.

Then you walk through the woods to the Groene Pollen. The Groene Pollen is a remarkable piece of grassland. The last part you’ll walk through heather fields and back at the office of Forestry at the Longway. It was a varied walk in a special forest on Terschelling.

Length: 8 km.
Highest Difference: none.

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