Walking through the Formerumerbos forest - Terschelling

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In the village Formerum on Terschelling between 1920 and 1935 the Formerumerbos was constructed. To prevent dune from expansion a great variety of trees was planted. The planting was hampered by the groundwater and the barren ground. The ground water level couldn’t be maintained. As a solution many ditches dug to carry away excess water to the sea. To let the young pines grow on the three places in the Formerumerbos turfdôbes were dug. There were small peats placed in the water and then placed against the roots of young pines.

The Formerumerbos is one of the most diverse forests on Terschelling. A walk through the forest is very varied. We started the walk on the north side of Formerum at the intersection of the Molenweg Duinweg. We haven’t really followed an existing route. But we have walked a route that runs through the diverse forest and vegetated dunes along turfdôbes through much of the Formerumerbos on Terschelling.

Length: about 5 km.
Height difference: none.

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