Cycling across the island - Terschelling - The Netherlands

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We're up early and have breakfast in the hotel. We buy some bread at the bakery for during the day and head towards the west of Terschelling. Against the wind we cycle to Lies and head towards the north side of the island. We cycle through Koegelwieck, the Formerumse Forest to Midsland aan zee. Although the weather isn't to great the nature is beautiful. At Paal 8 it's realy raining to hard and we go inside for a cup of coffee. When the weather clears we cycle on to Longway, the dark forest along the Noordvaarder on to West-Terschelling. we stop at the bike shop to exchange one of the bikes and take the dike on the south side of Terschelling back to Hoorn, via Midsland, Landerum, Formerum and Lies. In the evening we have a nice dinner at a cafe and head back to our hotel.

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