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Terschelling is one of the Wadden islands of the coast of the Netherlands. Even though cars are allowed on the island, a short holiday here can be perfectly done by bike. Terschelling is about 30 km long and 4 km wide, so any distance can be quickly done by bike. For this short vacation we booked a hotel in Hoorn. From here we made several walks and bike tours across Terschelling. Although we couldn't do everything we wanted in the 4 days we were here, we did realy enjoy the few days away.

The nature reserve the Boschplaat is only open for tourists a short period of the year. During the breeding season of the birds you are not allowed to enter. There is a walking trail next to it from where you have great views of this piece of nature. Besides that Terschelling has a lot of dunes and tidal marshes. A lot of walking and biking trails go through these. Through the pieces of forest on the islands you can make great walks. And because of the tourism a cafe or beach pavilion is never far away. For a short vacation a very suitable island to slow down and clear your head in the wind at the beach!

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