Round walk through the Bergherbos from 't Peeske to Hoch Elten - Montferland - Gelderland - Netherlands

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The first sunny Saturday in September has prompted us to get our walking shoes and to drive to the Bergherbos. We make take away lunch, filled our camel bags and get around in the car. For us the half hour drive to the Bergherbos means that we arrive at the parking lot the Peeske of Natuurmonumenten at 9:30. During the car ride to the Bergherbos we have twice crossed the border between Germany and the Netherlands. And during our walk, we will cross the border was one more time walking.
We want to walk the walk that goes through the Kortenbos by Hoch Elten in Germany, the Montferland and along a natural dam. We have planned a varied walk through the woods and through open fields, so we are both looking forward to go hiking.

We walk on the terrace of 't Peeske, past the pond and walk along the open field. We hoped for a nice view while walking around the field, but if you're smaller than 1.80 m there is a cornfield in the way. At the end of the walkway you still have a nice view of the area of the municipality and Bergherbos and Montferland. We walk in a beautiful forest and enjoy the sun peeking through the trees. High humidity creates beautiful sunshine between the trees. Because Natuurmonumenten does little to the forest the forest in the Bergherbos get a real character. The various trees grow together and the ground is full grown with ferns and other smaller plants. We take a small detour to walk past a spring. You walk a bit down though, but the source and the walkway along the creek are very nice to walk.

We walk in the woods and come out on a tarmac road. Here we walk across the border into Germany to Hoch Elten. After we crossed the highway A 3, we turn left into the woods. Here we follow the trail. At the house we turn right and walk along a field. We walk a zigzagging through Hoch Elten. And we walk pass to the church in Hoch Elten and have a great view of Emmerich and Kleve. It is a bit hazy, but the view is enough to see the bridge at Emmerich. After leaving Hoch Elten we walk back toward the woods. It's a nice trail and the forest and open areas are breath taking.

Walking through this beautiful forest, we come to a dirt road. Walking along the dirt road is hot, but the view is very beautiful. Soon we are back on the tarmac crossing the A 3 and we are back in the Netherlands.

We walk a short part on the tarmac road and hit the bike trail. We walk a small piece on the bike trail and check back regularly to see if there are no cyclists coming. Then we get off the bike trail and continue on to a footpath. We follow this for a long time. The forest surrounding the bike path is nice. An open sand drift is a nice change from the forest. The sun is quite strong and it's actually become very hot. We want to follow the footpath to the Peeskesweg, but we see that almost no shade. So we decide through a corn field and up to walk through the forest to the Peeskesweg. At the corner of the cornfield, we enjoy the view and Stokkum and 's Heerenberg (Montferland municipality). We look at how we are going to walk back through the Bergherbos and back to the parking lot.

We walk a little further into the forest and follow the direction of the Laaksweg to the Peeskesweg. Despite the long straight walk is it still very nice. The trail is good and the scenery is very beautiful. Once we have crossed the Peeskesweg, it's time to keep a bit left getting back toward the car. We follow a nice trail along the lateral moraine and walk this beautiful piece of forest. At a bench in the shade we are overlooking a vast open area. The last part we walk along a meadow and could already see the parking lot. The end of a very successful walk is in sight.

Length: 18 km
Height difference: 150 m ascending and descending

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