Walking in the Maasduinen near Landgoed Hamert - Limburg

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The Maasduinen is one of the national parks of the Netherlands. The Maasduinen lie east of the river Maas in the province of Limburg. The Maasduinen National Park stretches over approximately 4500 ha. The National Park Maasduinen is about 2-3 km wide and 20 km long. The Maasduinen is a sand drift which now is overgrown with young pine forest. There are also several large heaths fields near Landgoed Hamert include Bergerheide. The Maasduinen can be divided into three parts. The southern part lies with near Landgoed Hamert, the middle part lies near Nieuw Bergen and the northern part lies near Afferden.

A cold but beautiful Saturday is predicted in February. For quite some time we wanted to go for a walk in the Maasduinen near Venray. Now the weather predictions are good, we decided the walk 22 km through Landgoed Hamert in the National Park Maasduinen. They predict temperatures from -12 to -4 degrees so we dress thick and take hot water for a cup of hot coffee and soup during the walk.
Early in the morning we get in the car and see that the temperature is -8. It is pretty cold, but there is no cloud in the sky. It promises to be a beautiful day. We leave the A 73 near Venray and drive to the parking lot at Landgoed Hamert for the start point of our walk.

We walk to the Pikmeeuwen which is frozen with thick layer of ice and snow. We walk along the various pools to Westmeerven. Than we walk along the Dikkenberg and cross the Venweg. We walk through the pine forests to the Putjes Berg. Here you’ll have a nice view over the sand dunes. Also here is an ideal picnic bench for a lunch break. Here we are on the most northern part of our walk through the southern part of the National Park Maasduinen.

We walk through the beautiful nature of the Maasduinen through the pine woods back in the direction of the car. We see few hikers during our walk, probably because it is very cold. In some places the snow is almost gone, but in other places is still a couple of centimeters snow. We walk on a dirt road towards a gate. Our walk was supposed to walk across the ground surrounded by the gate. But luckily there is a footpath along the gates the private land. Soon we are back on the original path and continue our walk through the pine forests of the Maasduinen National Park. We are surprised to see a football field in the center of the national park Maasduinen. Probably the football matches are cancelled because the area is deserted on this Saturday. We continue our walk through the woods at Wellerlooi and come across a lateral moraine. The nature of this moraine is very nice and we enjoy this wintry picture.

We arrive at the junction with the hives where we passed by earlier at the walk through the National Park Maasduinen. We walk a different route back to the car than this morning and follow the blue route back to the parking lot of Landgoed Hamert. We hoped to get a warm cup of soup or coffee the pancake restaurant, but it looks dreary and empty. So we decide to drive home after a nice long walk.
The walk through National Park Maasduinen was very nice. The walk of 22 km is very varied in nature and paths. Despite the cold all hiking trails were very good. There are no places to buy any food or drinks; so bring your own.

Length: over 22 km
Height difference: little parts up and down

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