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Previously, we regularly went to nature park Kampina. By moving further away, we never really went to Kampina anymore. On a Sunday morning, we feel like a long walk and we decide to drive to Kampina near Boxtel. We park our car at the intersection of Roond and the Huisvennen.

We walk past the memorial to the Kogelvangersven. We just enjoy the lovely views before we walk through the forest to the Meeuwenven. The promenade along the Meeuwenven is pretty soggy. This is partly due to the large amount of rain in October. We walk through the beautiful forests of Kampina towards the Palingven. Here we encounter a large herd of cows that look surprised to us. While it is Sunday, it's really cold and the sun does not shine.

We walk to the Belversven we walk through open moorland. From experience we know that this piece of Kampina is very beautiful as the heather blooms, but that is not the case in November. We now enjoy the mushrooms more that grow everywhere. We cross the heath field and walk towards the Logt back into the woods of Kampina.

We walk along the river on the Beerze. You are only allowed to walk around the overflow land of the Beerze. And you’re not allowed to enter the land. So we decide to walk along the overflow area.
We walk along open fields and woods and eventually come across the Beerze. The next part of the walk we follow the narrow paths along Beerze that runs beautiful through the nature park Kampina.
Once again on a larger trail we turn right and decide to follow the stream the Aa a bit more. We continue until we encounter the blue route. We walk along the banks of the Kleine Aa. The last part of the small Aa is, in recent years, returned to its original beauty. All the little curves of the Aa run beautifully through the landscape of Kampina. At the end of the Aa we walk through the little Loo and the Huisvennen back to the parking lot. Tired but satisfied we are back at the car. We walked Kampina in one day.

Who wants to get a good impression Kampina can do this in 21 km. Of course it is not possible to really see Kampina in one day to see, but you definitely see the best parts of this nature.
Kampina is a beautiful nature reserve near 's-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg, Eindhoven and Boxtel. There are several parking lots around the park. We have always enjoyed walking through Kampina in the future and will certainly visit Kampina a couple of times more.

Length: 21 km

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