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It is mid-November and there is a good weather forecast for the weekend. We are preparing for a nice walk through the Dwingelderveld near Dwingeloo. We tell our plan to Dini and she immediately suggests to us with go.

Dwingelderveld is a nature reserve of Natuurmonumenten and lies between Dwingeloo and Ruinen. The national park is about 37 hectares and is the largest wet heath park in Europe. The National Park Dwingelderveld has several fens and a wide variety of vegetation. Because of the variation in vegetation there is also a great diversity of birds, insects and other species. The Schaapskooi and Planetron (observatory) are in the surrounding of the National Park Dwingelderveld.

We park our car at the parking lot at the Visitor centre Dwingelderveld. From here we walk a long stretch straight across the open fields of the Dwingelderveld. We have, during the walk through the open moor, beautiful views of the surroundings and of course the radio tower of the observatory. We come to a sign that we should put our cell phones off. The signal from your phone disturbs the radio tower of the observatory. We put our phones off and walk on through the heather.

At a big intersection, we turn left and walk along a dirt road. We have our GPS and see a nice little detour along a pair of fens. Soon we turn right along the marshes of the Dwingelderveld. We come across to a dirt road and walk past the radio tower and the moors. We walk a long stretch between the forest and heathland. Once back in the forest we turn left. We walk to a bird watching hut. We have a beautiful view from the hut on the Davidsplassen. But most birds have already left, to the south. But we do have a wonderful view over the lakes and Dwingelderveld.

We walk a small part along the walking path back before continue our walk through the woods. The open field is a warm welcome since the sun is shining. It's actually quite cold in the forest in mid-November. Once again we walk in the forest path towards a nice Theehuys Anserdennen. The forest through which we walk is beautiful. We enjoy the natural beauty of the Dwingelderveld. We see many beautiful mushrooms on the ground but also on trees.

At the Theehuys Anserdennen it's time for a nice hot cup of coffee and a piece of cake. After a nice break we walk through the woods back to the parking lot. This trail is a reminder to us all. Not only Marko but Sandra has been here in her youth. We walk past the campsite and after a short walk we are back at the parking lot.

This walk through the National Park Dwingelderveld shows the great diversity of nature. The walk goes through the open moors and through the beautiful forests of the National Park Dwingelderveld. The walk is flat and the trails are well. Who is near Dwingeloo or Ruinen and is looking for a nice walk, this tour is highly recommended. Along the walk the only place to find something to eat or drink is in the Theehuys Anserdennen.

Lenght: 14 km
Hight difference: none

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