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The Netherlands are in the continent Europe on the westcoast, bordering Germany and Belgium.
The official language is Dutch. The Netherlands are part of the kingdom of the Netherlands, to which the Dutch Antilles and Aruba belong. The country the Netherlands is 41.528 km² large and with 16.4 milion inhabitants one of the most densily populated countries of the world.

The most people by far live in the west of the Netherlands, the Randstad. The capitol Amsterdam and the seat of government, The Hague or 's Gravenhage are also in the Randstad. The Netherlands are divided into 12 provinces of which Flevoland is the youngest.

It is still possible to find pieces of nature where (besides on sunday afternoon) there are little people. Most of the nature parks are owned by the foundation Stichting Natuurmonumenten and are freely accessible between sunrise en sunset.

The Netherlands has 5 inhabited Wadden islands. The are of the coast of Friesland, Groningen and Noord-Holland. We have visited Terschelling. The travelogue can be found in the menu on the left.

This site wil be filled in the near future with information, walking routes and pictures of the nature areas in the Netherlands we have visited.

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