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Unterbäch is a small village at an altitude of 1220 metres. From the apartment we had a great view over the Rhonevalley and of the Bietschhorn.
This morning we're up early. We take the lift from Unterbäch to Brandalp. From there we walk over a paved road towards a reservoir. There we walk across a picnic area to the trail. This trail goes steeply uphill to the track we ant to follow. Right, along the Alte Suon which we follow for a long time. At the bridge we decide to follow the upper track. The lower track comes very close to the cows. From here it's a short climb to the next crossroad. The track keeps following the suone. In an open area we follow the Meigger Suon, towards Bürchen. This part is fun and relatively flat. Here and there the track goes up and down a bit. The suon is aprtly below and partly above ground. In a few places it's either very deep or very wide. After walking for a while the track goes very steeply downhill. Spectacular ;-) And, pay attention ;-)
We pick up the track along the suone towards Burchen. After a meadow the track follows a main road downhill (watch out for electrified fences). This road, once it was paved, was closed because of danger of being shot. They were having a skeet shooting competition.
Finally, via the hiking trail to Unterbäch we got back in Unterbäch. The first part of this trail is a bit overgrown. The second part is a beautiful section to the end of the valley. A nice walk of 13.6 km that's not to hard.

The homepage of Unterbäch

The website of the apartment where we stayed the second time.

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