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The road to the end of the valley is narrow and exciting. A lot of sections are only 1 car wide, and no, it's not a one way street. We are early and hardly encounter another car. But that doesn't make the road any less exciting. We keep following the road until we see a sign that says we can't go any further. Here we can park our car, but if you're late it will be full. It's not really a parking area, but you can park along the road, up the mountain or anywhere there is place.

Via a fairly wide trail we first walk towards the reservoir. The road goes up steadily. The goats have declared a section of the road at toilet, and trust me... it stinks. But it's only a small section, so we'll survive. At the reservoir we take al little break. We have lunch and look where the hut is. The hut can be easily seen, but is still a lot higher than we are now. That means the last section of the hike will be steep uphill. We walk around the reservoir on the right side. With a beautiful view of the glacier we leave the flat area and go steep uphill.

From here it's about an hours walk to the cabin. But an hour uphill...Via the road, where apparently cars can also drive, we walk up slowly. We arrive at a bridge that leads to a crossroad. Here we take a right towards the cabin. The track goes deceptively steep up the hill. A path full of rocks with here and there a few loose stones, but we're getting closer to the hut. Having arrived at the hut we have great views and a little rest. We eat some spaghetti and get a pin of the hut.

The clouds are moving in and Marko wants to head down the mountain. Otherwise we could meet some rain. Because of the weather is wisest to go down the same track. Otherwise we would have went down on the other side of the valley using a small trail, but we decide not to. On the way back we take pictures of all the flowers and plants in the area. At the reservoir we follow the track on the other side. There's a lot of water coming down the mountain so you have to cross a few streams. The first raindrops are coming down when we are walking around the reservoir. Hopefully the real rain will wait a while. When we have passed the reservoir it starts thundering on the other side of the valley. About 10 minutes before we are down it starts raining hard. There's no rock we can hide under, so we keep going. When we are back at the car we're glad we took this road and not the one on the other side.

We take the exciting road down the valley. We're driving faster than the rain, so in a few minutes it's dry and sunny! We drive back to Unterbäch. A fun hike, that's not all too difficult.

The website of the Turtmannhütte.

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