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On of the winter trails we walked is the loop from Riederalp to Bettmeralp and back to Riederalp in the skiing area Aletsch Arena in Switzerland.

We start opur walk in the center of the mountain village Riederalp. At the end of the village we head right towards Golmenegg. We arrive at a crossing of three roads and take the middle road towards Golmenegg along the panoram route. If you take the lower route you go through the forest but eventually end up on the panorama route. After arriving in Bettmeralp we follow the winter walking trail towards the Bettmersee. We walk along the Bettmersee for a bit and walk below the the halfway station of the Blausee chairlift. We follow the walking trail and descend back down to Riederalp.

This walk can be extended by walking through the forest below Golmenegg. But if you'd like to avoid Bettmeralp an the Bettmersee you can take the Blausee chairlift. This avoids a bit of walking uphill.

The walk is varied and fun. The section going uphill was a bit less fun, but isn't too difficult. Along the way there are several restaurants, but as soon as you pass the Bettmersee there are no more places to eat and drink until you arrive back in Riederalp. During the walk you have nice views of the Rhône valley, but you will not see the Aletsch glacier during this winter walk. You do have a nice view of the skiing area Aletsch Arena during this walk. A section of this walk follows and crosses the skiing slopes.

We started in Riederalp with the 202 walking trail. When you arrive at Golmenegg and want to go through the forest you have to follow the winter walking trail 102, otherwise you stay on the 202. In Bettmeralp you follow the 204. From Bettmeralp you follow the 203 to get back to Riederalp.

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