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The planning was really different this morning, but because the weather was so great we decided to go to Moosalp. Again the exciting road, but after the road to Turtmann it seems less scary.
A nice easy walk with not much change in altitude. The only downside is it's a bit more crowded than most of the hikes we've done. From Moosalp we go towards Stand. The viewpoint near Moosalp. We hope we can finally photograph the Bietschhorn without clouds, but no such luck. Again, today the view is partially obscured by clouds. But no reason to be sad, the view is still breath taking. First we walk to the lake. A leisurely walk around it and taking pictures of the flowers at the same time.
We find a bench in the shade with a view of the lake, so have the flies... We decide to walk on to the second lake. Unfortunately we cannot walk around it, so continue on our way. Finally we arrive at the main track again. On this crossroads we head towards Moosalp. After about an hour we arrive back at Moosalp again. We drink half a liter of ice tea and go back home.

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