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Today we are going to do a walk that has been on our wish list this entire vacation in Switzerland. The Hörnlihütte near Zermatt. The cabin is at 3260 meters at the base of the Matterhorn and is also called the Matterhornhütte.

Because the walk is relatively difficult, we take the lift to Schwarzsee (2580 meters). From here we walk to the Hörnlihütte. A climb of almost 700 meters and 4 km in length. It's a fairly popular walking trail for a lot of walkers, hikers and climbers of the Matterhorn. They spend the night at the cabin and climb the Matterhorn from there. The track cannot be missed. Because the hut is very popular, you never walk alone. The trail is steep at first, than flat for a while and then steep up the mountain to the hut.

Along the way to the Hörnlihütte you have great views of Zermatt, the Matterhorn and a lot more mountains. You also encounter steel stairs and tracks. This because the mountain isn't very accessible everywhere. Once at the Hörnlihütte, we continue to the last point where you can get without climbing equipment. The altitude takes some getting used to. Above 3000 meters the air is thinner, so you get tired more quickly and can become dizzy. After a longer period at high altitude you get used to it.

The way back is a lot faster. We arrive back at the Schwarzsee lift station quickly and take the lift down to Zermatt. With the train to Täsch and the car to Unterbäch. A fun and fairly difficult walk.

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