Walking the Europaweg from Randa to Täsch - Wallis - Switzerland

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From Randa it is a climb of 800 meter to get to the Europaweg. A small climb of about an hour. The Europaweg is a newly constructed walking trail from Zermatt to Grächen. The Europahut lies a bit higher than the walking trail, but can be easily reached from Randa. We decide to walk from our holiday home in Randa to Täsch.

Marko said that a Höhenweg (high altitude walking trail) Wallis and Switzerland often keep on the same altitude. This isn't completely true however for the Europaweg. The height differences are fairly large. Sandra wasn't trained in walking on narrow trails with deep cliffs as well and certainly not in crossing gravel avalanches! Despite all this Sandra did walk all the way to Täsch (walking back was not an option...) When we go through a tunnel, the roof gets keeping lower quite sneakily. Don't forget to lower your head!

The Europaweg is well maintained, but there are section were you have to croos rocks an gravel. Other section go through the forest. Meanwhile you have great views of the valley and the Weisshorn. The Weisshornhütte was next on our schedule, so we could already check out the walking trail on the other side of the valley.

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