Walking near Ergisch - Suone - Turtmanntal - Wallis - Switzerland

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Because they predicted bad weather for this afternoon, we making a short trip. Via a very narrow road we drive to Ergisch. It saves some distance, but it's somewhat exciting for the co-driver. Finally we arrive in the village.

From the parking area we walk uphill to the church. A little bit further the path to the 'wasserleitung' is already marked. A climb of 100 meters is waiting for us. In the village we gain some altitude, but in the meadows it's still going up pretty steep. Once at the 'wasserleitung' we follow this for quite a long time. Here and there a spectacular ravine and a fairly to very narrow path. This hike is also not suitable for people who are afraid of heights.

We walk until we cross the river Turtmänni. In the book we read that a little further there should be a restaurant and we feel like a glass of ice tea. So we keep going. The path is very steep, so we wonder if it's worth the trouble to continue. Along the track we go to the main road. A little bit to the right and we see the restaurant. Too bad, it's closed and doesn't look like it will open the next couple of years. All the trouble for nothing. Fortunately we are back at our steep road pretty quickly. Only we're going down this time. We decide to take the same road back instead of the higher route we planned earlier. Via the suone we go back to the village and drive back using the very exciting little road.

In the Turtmanntal in Wallis we have also visited the Turtmannhütte.

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