Walking near Eischoll - Unterbäch - Wallis - Switzerland

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Today is going to be a day for resting, or not...

After the Augstbordhorn it's time to give our legs some rest. We sleep late a little bit and relax after the hike of yesterday. After lunch we decide to go out anyway.
We walk on a path toward Eischoll. Unfortunately it's not the new trail. This path follows the main road and it's not really much fun to walk. Almost in Eischoll we discover the new trail and we decide to take it on the way back. We walk uphill in Eischoll and once at the top we have a view of Unterbäch. To avoid having to walk on the pavement we take a steep path uphill. Maybe not too smart. It's steep and the mosquitoes are everywhere. On the way back we use the paved road, and pretty soon we're back in Eischoll.
We get some groceries in the local supermarket and find out it's much bigger than the one in Unterbäch. Via the Halt suon we walk back to our apartment. You can clearly see it's a new path, but it's a nice trail to walk on. After a longer walk than planned we arrive back at our apartment.

The website of Eischoll.

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