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Today we want to drive from Unterbäch to Saas Fee. But unfortunately the road from Unterbäch to Visp is closed. Marko says he knows the way through Moosalp, but following the sign 'Visp' is not a good option. In the end we arrive at the same road and end up driving through Turtmann. All in all it costs us an additional 45 minutes to get down. But down in the Rhone valley we can drive towards Visp/Saas Fee. Here they've also closed a section of the road, but we can drive over military terrain. Without anymore trouble we can take the tunnel to get to Saas Fee.

Here we park the car and check whether the hut is open. We also check which lifts are open and which one to take. We're in luck, the hut is open and the lift to Felskinn is as well.

From Felskinn we go through the snow towards the Britanniahütte. Walking through the snow seems fun, but it's also very exhausting (just like being above 3000 m.). At the hut we enjoyed a spectacular view during lunch. Afterwards we continued towards Plattjen. The first part goes across a glacier, which can be done without a guide. After that, a section over a grat, which is relatively flat. Descending and ascending slowly you walk along the mountainside sometimes with a good view down. The last section is across boulders towards the lift station. You have to be careful, stepping besides a boulder is not an option. But it is spectacular to walk over them.

Once we arrived at the lift station we decide to take the ride down. We didn't feel like walking another 1.5 hours to Saas Fee. It was a beautiful walk with great views and deep valleys. Not suited if you're afraid of heights.

The website of the Brittaniahütte.

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