Views from the Bettmerhorn and Eggishorn - Wallis - Switzerland

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From Bettmeralp you can take the cable car Bettmerhorn to the mountain station of the Bettmerhorn (2647). The Bettmerhorn is one of the peaks in the Aletsch area which gives you a view of the Aletsch glacier in Wallis, Switzerland. If you look the other way from the Bettmerhorn you see the Rhône valley in Wallis. The Matterhorn can be clearly seen from the Bettmerhorn. During the winter season there are two red slopes coming down from the Bettmerhorn, but you can also always take the cable car down.


From Fischeralp a big cable car goes up to the mountain staion of the Eggishorn (2869 m). For those who love great views, the Eggishorn in the Aletsch area in Wallis, Switzerland is well worth it. From the terrace of the Horlihütte you'll be stunned by the beauty of Wallis. Don't just look at the Aletsch Glacier, but also at the Rhône valley and the Fischer valley. Both during the summer and the winter it's fascinating to enjoy the views on the Eggishorn. You'll get the feeling of being in the best spot in Switzerland! During the winter season the Eggishorn is part of the skiing area Aletsch Arena and you can take a black slope down, if you're an experienced skier.

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