Walking to the Augstbordhorn - Moosalp - Wallis - Switzerland

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A hike Marko wanted to do for a long time. So today is the day we go up. We arrive early at Moosalp where start the hike. Just the drive to Moosalp requires some energy from the co-driver. An exciting road which often isn't wider than a single car. But with experience an the 'no rush' style we arrive easily at the destination. We could have also left the car at Unterbäch and started from Brandalp, but that 400 meters of additional climbing.

From Moosalp it already a climb of 950 meters, we thought that was enough. The first section follows an old road. Steep, but steadily we climb up. We arrive at flat section, but unfortunately, the next section is very steep. The road is going straight up the hill. A couple of turns wouldn't have been bad. For now the road, albeit it little less, is going steeply up the hill. We arrive at another flat section and continue over grass. To avoid having to climb another 50 meters, we take the path below the summit of Märch. The last section of the climb follows the grat to the top of the Augstbordhorn. We climb with some difficulty over the steep, rocky path, but after a exhausting hike we arrive at the summit. And... it's worth the effort. A spectacular view over the Mischabelgroup, the Weisshorn, the Aletsch area, the other side of Saas Fee, the Rhone valley, the Bietschorn and what seems like the whole of Wallis. And a lot more mountains, of which I don't know the name.

We enjoy the view for a while and head back down again. Just after the first steep section, we take another path down. It's a lot shorter than the way up with the same difference in height. It's a bit steeper than the other path. On the way back it's not too bad, but we're glad we didn't take this road up. This path is full of loose gravel and crosses a ski slope. The upside is it saves a lot of time on the way down.

We arrive at Moosalp and at the moment we want to start driving, we're witnessing a farmer rounding up his cows. And.. he has quite a few. Afterwards we drive down the scary road, hoping not to meet any post buses.

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