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Today we leave Unterbäch and make our way to our next appartment in Randa.
We have to leave early and can only enter our next appartment late in the afternoon, so we decide to go to the Aletsch glacier.

We park our car at the parking lot and take a lift to the top. From here we walk along the grat. It's not a narrow walk along a grat like we're used to, but a nice wide grat on which there are many walking trails. After a short walk we take the time to realy enjoy the views. WOW what a big glacier this is! The Aletsch glacier is the biggest glacier in Switserland and Europe and is 24 kilometers long. The area surrounding the Aletsch glacier, together with the Aletschwald and the moutains Jungfrau and the Bietschhorn are on the UNESCO-list for world heritage since december 13th 2001. Sandra is asstounded at the sheer scale of things! She has never been this close to a glacier, let alone in an area with such great views! We rest on a stone wall and have a good look at the Aletschwald, the Weisshorn and the Rhône valley. After a fairly quiet day we take the lift down and drive to Randa. On the way to the adventures in the Mattertal!

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