Walking in Switzerland in the canton of Wallis/Valais

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Our first vacation together we went walking in Switzerland. In the kanton Wallis (or Valais in French) our journey took us from Unterbach to Randa. Marko has been there very often with his parents and he wanted to show me the 'real' mountains. Once we arrived I was amazed at the beauty of the nature. We made a lot of hiking tours and are determined to go back to Switzerland again. There are so many places we haven't visited together.

A few years later we went to Switzerland and Wallis again. We wanted to go back there to do a few hikes we couldn't do the last time. The second time we rented a house ourselves through the internet. We rented an appartement for three weeks.

During the two years we went to Wallis in Switzerland we made several hikes. Besides that we drove the passes, which should not be missed when visiting Wallis or Switzerland.

In an area with mountains there is always something to do or see, and this is especially true for Wallis and Switzerland. During long and sometimes short walks we saw a lot of animals and plants. Besides that we sometimes saw no other people during some hikes at all! Hiking through nature peacefully and quietly maybe isn't possible in The Netherlands anywmore, but hiking in Switzerland there are enough places where you see nobody at all.

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