Circular walk near Tossals Verds - the tunnel walk - Mallorca

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Today we have decided to walk the route along the water pipes of Mallorca. We park our car at the reservoir Cúber. We take the left side of the walking trail at the reservoir Cúber and just before the weir we turn left. The walking path is worse than we expected and it takes a while to reach the first tunnel. There are five tunnels in this walking route. The tunnels are very cool, but also very dark. Luckily we brought a flashlight!

You descend about 600 m between the five tunnels.
After the last tunnel we continue our walk though a forest and arrive at a bridge. We follow the tarmac road uphill through an olive tree garden. But unfortunately all olive trees are pruned and they provide no shade anymore. And the walk uphill the tarmac road is hot. We turn right towards Refugi Tossals Verds and follow the walking trail towards the Refugi. The walking path is a bit steep but when we finally arrive at the Refugi we take a long break at the BBQ building. There is also a bathroom where there is ice-cold water. It is ideal for cooling down.

We follow the walking trail towards Font des Noguer and Fonts des Prat. We walk uphill over a good walking trail. Just before we arrive at Coll des Coloms we enter the forest and the temperature drops about 10 degrees. It is a beautiful forest and the temperature makes it nice to walk through.
The forest is really beautiful! We walk easily through the forest over the Coll de Coloms, around the Tossals Verds mountain (1125 m). We walk towards the open waterworks. This waterwork runs from reservoir Gorg Blau towards reservoir Cúber and it provides Palma de Mallorca of drinking water. The water in the waterworks is ice cold and we cool our hands in it. When we arrive at the tarmac road it is time to leave the waterworks and walk back to our car.

This walk starts with a descending of 600 m. The walking path 600 m uphill is on a south rim. It should be clear that it isn't smart to do the circular walk in the summer. It can be very hot and there isn't, except for the Refugi Tossals Verds, no water supply. It is also recommended to take a flash light. And good hiking boots are necessary.

Length: 14 km
Height difference: 600 m

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