Walking through Torrent de Pareis near Sa Calobra - Mallorca

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After our check-in in Fornalutx Petit hotel we leave with our rental car to the village Sa Calobra.
Near this popular village near a nice beach is the gorge Torrent de Pareis. This gorge is easy accessible and our destination for today. We park our car at a big parking lot because Sa Calobra is not accessible for cars. We walk along the tarmac road towards the beach of Sa Calobra. We don't enter the beach but take a right turn towards the boulevard.
We pass several tunnels which are slippery when wet. We arrive at the end of Torrent de Pareis near a very popular beach. We start our walk through the gorge torrent de Parais. We have some cool winds from the sea and find some shade inside the gorge.
The gorge is very nice to walk through and the walking path is easy. So we easily arrive at, for us, the end of the walk through the gorge. We wanted to walk a walking path up and walk back along the upper walking path. But the traveling took us longer than planned, so we walk back through the gorge, back to our car.
The end of the walking path through the gorge is clearly recognizable. If you see large stones and a pool of water than you have reached the accessible part of the gorge. The torrent de Pareis doesn't end here, there is a marked trail along the gorge.
This short, fun walk was a nice start of our walking holiday on Mallorca. If we had the possibility to start a bit earlier, we would have taken the upper walking path back. It is a climb of approximate 100 m.

Length: in total 5 km

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