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After a few warm days hiking it is time for a flat walk through the forest. We have driven several times pass Sanctuary Lluc and this time we park our car at the big parking. Sanctuary Lluc is situated in a forest and has a big resting area, which makes it an ideal starting point for a walk.
We follow the tarmac road and walk through a fence at the left hand side. We cross a football field and start our walk. We climb up over a rock path and arrive at a crossing. Because the walk we have planned is short we make a detour towards the caves. The Cova de sa Cometa des Morts are the caves where the ancient inhabitants of Mallorca buried the dead. There is a big sign indicating the arriving point of the caves, but the exact location is a bit of a search. After a while we find the caves and enter one of them. But the descending is steep and the stones are slippery. There is not much to see inside the caves, so we exit the caves quickly and walk back to the crossing.

This time we follow the direction of Mér Alt de s'Era Vella. The walk through a forest with carved limestone is really beautiful. The walking path towards Area recreativa es Pixarelles is wide and easy to walk. And through this beautiful nature the walk near Lluc starts to get even better. Neat Area recreativa es Pixarelles we stop for a lunch break and enjoy the beautiful view.
We follow the tarmac road uphill towards the next BBQ area and turn left into the forest. We follow the walking path through the forest with is parallel to the tarmac road. It is a fun path, but not really well indicated. There are some red and yellow dots missing at essential spots, but we find the way and enjoy walking this path.

At Area recreativa Menut II we walk through a tunnel to cross the road. We follow the direction of Font de
Sa Coma and the Refugi de Sa Soma. Along the walking path through the forest are a lot of number trees. This area is used to monitor growth of different vegetation. We walk from the Refugi de Sa Coma towards the water reservoir Bassa de Binifaldó. But the hiking path stops and we have to turn back to the Refugi de Sa Coma.
We continue our walk at the gravel road and arrive at an olive grove. We cross the olive grove and arrive at the GR 221. The GR 221 is the old road between Sanctuary Lluc and Pollença. We follow the road towards Pollença because we have read that there is a viewpoint before the walking path starts descending. As soon as the walking path starts descending rapidly it is time to turn back. But it is worth the effort to walk towards the viewpoint en enjoy the beautiful view.

We arrive back at the point where we entered the GR 221 and walk in the direction of Binifaldó along a walking trail for the blind. Al signs are provided with Braille and the contours of the flowers have tick lines. The signs provide nice information of the plants and the environment. Near Binifaldó we see a walking map and realize that the walk will be a bit longer than we initially thought.

We walk back in the direction of Lluc. The trails are well maintained and run largely by forest. We follow the GR 221 sow the walking path is well indicated. Have way back we find a sign with Midaror. Somebody has engraved 2 min SUPER in the wood. We are curious and walk towards the Mirador. And He is right! The Mirador is big and provides a beautiful view over almost the entire circular walk.
We continue our walk and descend over a steep walking path. We enter again beautiful nature walking towards Lluc. There is a great variation of flowers, ferns and trees. We pass the Refugi de son Amer and walk monk's path back to Lluc.

We have combined several walks near Lluc and ended up with a very nice circular walk. All walking trails are well maintained and easy to walk. And you will walk through beautiful nature!

Length: 15 km
Height difference: approximate 200m

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