Circular walk from S'Arracó to La Trapa - Mallorca

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Today we drive in the direction of Andratx, to the town of s'Arracó. We park our car at a cemetery and start our walk towards La Trapa. The walk towards La Trapa is one of the most popular walks at the island of Mallorca.

We start our walk and arrive quickly at a gravel road. We follow the gravel road for al long time until the walking path is going straight out in a hairpin turn. We follow a nice forest walking path. At the topo maps we have seen that the original hiking trail to La Trapa follows the GR 221. But that included an extra part descending and climbing. The walking map indicated a walking path without descending towards La Trapa. So we decide to follow this trail. The walking path is a bit steep, but it is easy to walk. The walking path is mostly through forest with makes the walk even nicer. After a steep climb we arrive in an open part of the walk. We have for the first time a nice view over Illa sa Dragonera. The walking path goes over a very steep rim and the view downwards is not for people with fear of heights! Some parts are marked with red dots and before we know, we are standing at the edge of an abyss. That was scary, but soon after we find the walking path again. We climb across the stones and continue to enjoy the beautiful views. After a nice walk we arrive at the monastery La Trapa. We both didn't realize that the monastery La Trapa was a ruin. It is partly a building area since they are restoring it. But we find a nice lunch spot underneath a tree and with a stunning view!

After lunch it is time to continue our walk and we take a steep dirt road uphill. We follow the GR 221 along the coast line. It is a pity that the temperature is high and there is no shade at all. But the view is amazing and we walk easily along the coast. Near a big pile of stones we walk towards a mirador. Looking over the edge we see a very steep abyss. But the view makes the walk towards mirador worthwhile.
We follow the GR 221 for a while, but after the second mirador it is time t walk back in the direction of s'Arracó and leave the GR 221. For a long time we follow a gravel road which follows the landscape descending and climbing. Just before we descend for the last time we find a nice resting point with a stunning view. There are so many crickets that there sound is almost monotone. The crickets indicate that the temperature is really high. We make sure we have the right walking path and don't end up in the village center of s'Arracó. It is a bit of a search, but we find the right walking path. A nice forest trail leads us to the cemetery of s'Arracó. After a long walk it is time to drive back to Fornalutx.

The circular walk is nice and provides nice views over the west coast of Mallorca. If you visit Mallorca, this is definitely recommended. Due to the high difference, the length and the lack of shadow the hike is not recommended in the summer. There is no place to buy any food or drinks.

Length: 15km
Height difference: 400m

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