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The Galatzó (1026 m) and Mola de S'Esclop (926 m) can be seen where ever you drive on Mallorca. And both mountains are accessible for hikers. We decided to start our walk near Estellencs and walk to Mola de S'Esclop. It is a nice circular walk and the highest point is the top of Mola de S'Esclop.
We see the gravel road which is the start of our hike but it is not accessible with our car. And since we don't see a parking spot we drive a bit further along the C-710. After 200m we do find a small parking and since the hiking season is over our car fits just fine for a day.

We walk along the road towards the dirt road and continue uphill. We enter a 'Recreation Area'. We pass a chain and follow the road until we reach a water reservoir. From this point it is possible to walk to the top of Galatzó, but we turn right toward Mola de S'Esclop. We walk through a nice forest and on a walking path overgrown with Pampas Grass. Now and then we have a nice vies over the coastline of Mallorca and everywhere we look we see small boats in the sea. We walk through a fence through a walking path with trees at the side towards a house. There was nobody home at the time we ware at the house, so we used the table as a lunch table. We climb a ladder and follow the walking path through the Pampas Grass towards Mola de S'Esclop. When we arrive at a stone wall, we have a view over our destination, the top of Mola de S'Esclop for the first time this hike. The mountain itself is very special, so we can only imagine what it would be like at the top.

We walk further in the direction of the top of Mola de S'Esclop.
We decide to walk to the top taking the walking path at the right side of the mountain. It is hard to find the walking path, due to the many small stone indication marks. And there isn't any real visible walking trail. But finally we find the road to the top. The last part of the climb uphill is very steep and very hot! Finally at the top we are blow of the mountain due to the wind, but a stone house provides a bit of shelter. And the view from Mola de S'Esclop is really amazing. The Serra de Tramuntana is beautifully visible at clear weather.

After a short break it is time to descend from the top of Mola de S'Esclop. Since there aren't many walking paths from the top downhill it is important to find the right trail. But also this time we have a hard time finding the walking path. But we eventually find the trail. The walking path is a challenge and isn't easy to walk, but we descend from Mola de S'Esclop safely. We walk a part the same route as we did at the walk towards Mola de S'Esclop and arrive again at the stone wall. We check if we have enough water and decide to make a real circular walk. We continue de walking path along the stone wall and continue at a crossing of walking paths. We have to climb a small part but it is very hot and we stand still at every bit of shade we can find. When we arrive at the highest point it is again difficult to find the right walking path. We walk from stone mark to stone mark but we have the idea that there must be a better indicated trail. We descend of the mountain and arrive at the walking path to Galatzó. We use this walking path to return to our car. We have a last rest at a Recreational Area before we arrive at our car.

Pay attention at the temperature if you decide to walk this trail. It is better to do this circular walk only in the spring or autumn. If you're finding it to hot along the route, take the same way back as you arrive at the stone wall. The second part of the route provides less shadow, an extra part climbing and the hiking path isn't well indicated.
There is no place to buy water of food. You'll have to carry everything yourself. We also recommend good hiking boots if you want to walk to the top of Mola de S'Esclop.

Length: 11 km
Height difference: 650m

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