Walking from reservoir Cúber to the top of l'Ofre - Mallorca

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It is the last day of our holiday on Mallorca and we are going to climb the L'Ofre. There are two ways to get to the top of the L'Ofre. The first is a walk starting in Biniarix through the gorge Es Barranc to the Col de L'Ofre. And from the Col you will walk the last part to the top of the L'Ofre. But there is a faster and easier way to get to the top of L'Ofre. The second one starts at the water reservoir Cúber towards Coll de L'Ofre. From here you follow the walking path to the top of the L'Ofre.

It is already warm at the end of June and we suspect there isn't any shadow or wind, so we walk option two and park our car at the water reservoir Cúber. We walk along the right side of the reservoir to the end. We walk over the gravel road towards Coll de L'Ofre. The road along the reservoir and the gravel road towards Coll de L'Ofre provide little shade and we hope entering the forest means a bit cooling. But there isn't any wind at all in the forest and the climb towards Coll de L'Ofre is warm. But at the top of the Coll de L'Ofre the wind offers cooling. We walk towards a viewing point at the right side of the walking trail. The viewpoint provides a nice view over the gorge Es Barranc. There is even a binocular. After a short stop we find a nice lunch spot in de shadow.

After our lunch break we take the walking path through the forest and walk uphill. The forest trail isn't steep. We have climbed uphill about 100 meters when we arrive at an open space in the forest. And we are still about 100 meters under the top of the L'Ofre. We have seen on the top maps that the last part of the climb to the top is steep and provides little shade. We start with a steep climb towards a stone wall. From this point on the hiking trail is less visible. We trust the stone markings to find the path uphill.
We arrive the top and enjoy the amazing view from the top of the L'Ofre. The top provides an amazing view over the Serra de Tramuntana and the flatlands of Mallorca. We even see S'Esclop witch we climbed also during this holiday.
We take a different walking path downhill to make it a nice circular walk. The path descends pretty quickly
to the height of Coll de L'Ofre. The walking path isn't great to walk but finally we arrive at a flat part in the forest. It is time to have a rest and after a short while we walk further on the forest trail. We arrive at a gravel road and follow it until Coll de L'Ofre. We follow the same route back towards de reservoir Cúber and follow the gravel road along the reservoir back to our car.
In clear weather this walk is really recommended. The view of the top of the L'Ofre is really breathtaking. There isn't any supply of food or drinks, so bring your one. The trail is at some points terrible, so bring good hiking boots.

Length: 12 km
Height difference: 310m

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