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During our walking holiday in the Alpujarras and the Sierra Nevada in Andalusia in Spain we would like to walk along the Rio Trevélez near Trevélez. We park on a large car park above the village and look for the beginning of the walk through the narrow streets. The way we pass a house which turns out to be the baker. His freshly baked bread smells good and we take a few for the walk.

We walk through the village Trevélez and see the information board for the local Sendero Rio Trevélez. The board provides information about the length, difficulty and height of the walk along the Rio Trevélez. We walk across the walking trail and arrive at a dirt road along the Rio Trevélez. We follow the dirt road and are in search for a lunch spot to eat the bread from the bakery. In the shadow on the edge of the water we find a large stone which is ideal for a lunch spot. After our lunch we walk along the Rio Trevélez continue on the walking trail. The nature in the gorge near Trevélez is incredibly beautiful and the walking trail is pretty good. We cross a number cattle fence which we passed. Of course we close the gates behind us. We have already encountered enough cows behind fences. The cows have no trouble on crossing the Rio Trevélez.

We walked further and cross a bridge over the Rio Trevélez. We cross the bridge and walk on the other side of the Rio Trevélez further. This side is much wetter than the first part of the walk. Water comes from the mountains and flows on the walking trail to the Rio Trevélez. We are sometimes up to our ankles in water. Fortunately, we have high waterproof shoes. Also we periodically drop in a soft surface under the water. This makes the walk a little extra fun. We walk until we have a nice view over the valley of the Rio Trevélez. We can walk further, but we wonder whether the view is more beautiful. We have found our goal, an amazing view!

We decide to walk back to Trevélez. We follow the same path back to the end of the unpaved road. Here we can choose to follow along a main road and walk back up in the center of the village, or take the same path as on the way into the village and descend to the car. We choose the last option and walk the same way. We see if the bakery is still open, but it's siesta time so it is closed. So we drive back to Orgiva.

This walk is not heavy and easy to walk. And it's a nice a nice route along the Rio Trevélez. We have walked the walk in springtime and noticed a lot of water on the trail. Where at least high, waterproof shoes. There is eatery available outside of Trevélez. Make sure you have food and water with you.

Length: 13.5 km
Altitude: 400 m

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