Circular walk to Puente Palo near Soportújar - Alpujarras

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The second day of our walking holiday in the Alpujarras in Andalusia in Spain we go to Casa Forrestal near Soportújar. It rained yesterday in the valley, so the peaks are white with new snow and that's a pretty face. We want to have a nice walk through the woods and after breakfast we depart to Casa Forrestal.

For the parking of the hike we need we need to drive, according the description 4 kilometers on a bad asphalt road. Luckily the bad asphalt is now replaced by gravel is now a good dirt road. This road can be driven by an ordinary car, if you adjust your speed. At Casa Forrestal we look for the parking lot. The local forester has the necessary trees felled and they are lying along the roadside. A ranger tells us that we can park our car next to the felled trees there are no foresters today. The car is parked, the backpacks on our backs and it's freezing cold! Yesterday it snowed here and it is still not warmed up.

To get a little warmer we start a nice walk through the forest. Directly at the beginning of the walk we have great views of the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada. We follow the dirt road for a long stretch until it turns into a footpath. And then we walk direct right up against the mountain. We knew in advance that we had to climb about 500 meters, but occasionally a bend in the trail is very nice for hikers. Fortunately, only a small piece is really steep. We walk through the vegetation on a good walking path. But it snowed yesterday and it is freezing cold, so the water on the vegetation is very cold. There is still some snow on the walking trail.
After a small steep hike up, we come across a dirt road that we follow for a while. We pass a picnic area and decide to have a break on our way back. First we walk to the lookout point with a very nice view of the Alpujarras in Spain. We walk back to the picnic area and take a break. The sun shines and creates a little warm feeling. We walk back along the dirt road and turn off for a nice detour. Through unpaved roads we have beautiful views of Palo Puente, the Sierra Nevada and the Alpujarras in Spain. The beautiful, flowery nature is fun hiking.

We pass two foresters and turn right it to follow a waterway. The waterway has recently been cleaned and the trail is full of dirt from the waterway. It is a nice trail though and a nice variation on the unpaved forest roads that we already have walked. After a few kilometers we reach Puente Palo, a large open plain. There are many swallows flying over. We walk along a small lake with hundreds of bright green frogs. We watch the frogs jump away if you get too close and come back when you're stand still quietly. Then we continue our way along the dirt roads back to Casa Forrestal. Along the way we see so many different flowers and trees. But we also see a large variety of different birds. On the weirdest places we see caravans and campers. How did they even come up on these unpaved roads remains a mystery. After a nice walk we returned to Casa Forrestal and drive back to Orgiva.

The walking route was beautiful and very nice. We have, despite the cold, both enjoyed this very much. The nature around Puente Palo is very beautiful. Also the walking trails are generally very good. Along the way is no food or drink available, so bring your own.

Length: 13.5 km
Altitude: 550 m

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