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The last walk of our hiking holiday in the Sierra Nevada in Andalusia in Spain begins in Pampaneira, the local Sendero La Atalaya. In last few days the weather got quite warm, so we leave early in the morning to Pampaneira. From Orgiva we are in a 15 minutes in this popular tourist town in the Sierra Nevada. We park our car in the parking lot at the right of the main road in Pampaneira.

We have seen the beginning of the walking trail already seen, but there is no parking. Through a small street we walk down to the beginning of the walk. The walk starts at the power plant just below Pampaneira. On the information sign, someone wrote a warning with a black marker that walking is impossible and the path is horrible. We have the idea that they recently had a flush-out in the valley. We decide to start walking and see how far we get.

We walk along the dirt road to the bridge over the river. From here we climb up 400 meters. The first part of the walk is a diversion that is promising for the rest of the walk. By a steep path we arrive at the original trail. Soon it is not clear in which direction we have to walk or where the path lies. Apparently they have rerouted the walk, but it is not really clear. We follow a trail, but that arrives at scree and no path is visible. We walk back and follow another walking trail path, but that also leads to scree. Finally we have the walking path that we think it is good. There is only little shade and despite being only half past 10, is already very hot. We drink a lot, there is no shelter, it is far above 30 degrees and we walk on the southern slope. In addition, we are too often too long searching for the walking trail. After a rise of 140 meters, we decide to turn around and walk back to the river. We enjoy a nice view of Capileira before we walk back.

Soon we are back at the bridge and decide to walk along the banks of the river through the gorge. We walk a few miles along the shore until we have to climb more. Then we turn around and decide out hiking holiday in the Sierra Nevada is over. During the walk we notice however that there are many signs of flooding. Dams are broken, the picnic area floated under rubble and trees are snapped into the water. Perhaps this is the cause of the poor condition of the Local path Sendero La Atalaya. On the way back we see a group on the trail on the mountain. They are also searching for the route and are frequently standing searching for the trail too long. We have no idea if they found the trail and moved on.

This tour is certainly not recommended. The path is in terrible shape and the detour is bad indicated. A nice alternative is to walk along the banks of the river. Nature in the gorge is very beautiful. For those who still want to walk the route, bring more than enough food and drink. The planned route is about 8 km and has a height difference of 400 m, but take extra walking time into account.

Alternatively Length: 5 km
Height difference: 200 m

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