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Ruta de los Olivos centenaries is the first walk of our hiking holiday in the Sierra Nevada in Andalusia in Spain from Orgiva. We get up in the morning and it is raining. Fortunately the weather clears during the day. Of course you really do not expect rain during a hiking holiday in Spain in May. We entertain us in our rental cottage in Orgiva and wait until the weather clears.

In the afternoon the weather clears and we decide to walk a short circular walk from Orgiva. We pack our backpacks and walk out the gate towards the center of Orgiva. On Sundays the whole village deserted and we walk through the empty streets towards the beginning of the walk Ruta de los Olivos centenarios. This local walking trail in Orgiva in Spain runs along old olive trees, through Orgiva and along the river.

We walk out of the village and walk to the beginning of the Ruta de los Olivos centenarios in Orgiva. The walk is descending to the bank of the river. We walk on paved and unpaved roads through the outskirts of Orgiva. Along the walking trail are both very old olive trees and various fruit trees. By the time we arrive at the bridge, it starts raining again. Under a large tree we take shelter from the rain and hope it dries quickly. We are 150 meters descend and stand at the lowest point of the walk. Luckily it quickly becomes dry and we can continue our walk along the Ruta de los Olivos centenarios in Orgiva. We walk along buildings on unpaved roads when we suddenly see a whole field with very old olive trees. Near Orgiva are more of these ancient olive tree forests. But for us this walking route is almost at an end. At a picnic area, we have a break on a bench before we walk further to the center of Orgiva. Through narrow steep streets we walk to the center and back to our holiday home.

This fun short hike is not heavy. The views over the Sierra Nevada and the Alpujarras in Spain are very nice. Even with bad weather this walk is fun to walk, mostly due to the different types of trees along the walking trail. The various fruit trees and olives make this trail at Orgiva fun to walk.

Length: 9 km
Altitude: 150 m

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