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During our walking holiday in the Alpujarras and the Sierra Nevada in Andalusia in Spain we would like to make a long walk beginning in Orgiva. We found on the website 'de5van (PR-39) "a walk of 18 km. The walk starts in the center of Orgiva. Given our house just outside the center of Orgiva is, we start walking from our holiday home.

After breakfast we start the circular walk. We walk over the bridge outside the village and follow the main road. We turn right towards the A4132. We walk a little further along this road before we turn left and start to follow the GR 7. On a nice walking trail we walk back towards the main road. We follow the main road again until we reach a dirt road. On this dirt road we walk to the beginning of part of the the steep hike up. We cross the barranco and hiking along the steep trail uphill. Underneath a big tree, we seek the shade, because it's getting pretty hot. The next part we have to walk up is, according to the GPS track log, very steep.

We see no bends in the trail, so we walk 200 meters straight up the mountain on a bad trail, little shade and it's hot. We are surprised about the condition of the hiking trail, given the GR-7 also passes on this trail. After a difficult climb of 400 m we arrive at a flatter part in the walk. We walk through the beautiful countryside on a sort of flat path. Again, the path is better and worse parts. We have already lost too much time to finish the walk. We want to turn around at the village Cáñar or take a bus back to Orgiva. This means another 150 meters of climbing. And when we see the walking trail on the southern slope without shade, we decided to turn around immediately. We have already lost much time due to the heat and the sun is very bright. Going back the way we know means at least that we occasionally have shade and more important that it goes down.

The way back we take our time to enjoy the nature of Orgiva in the Alpujarras thoroughly. We walk back the same way and try to take a picture of all the flowers. Nature is very beautiful along this walk near Orgiva.
This walk is definitely recommended. The original trail goes along Cáñar, to Dique and through Soportújar and Carataunas back to Orgiva. We found it very disappointing that we are unable to complete this walk, but it was just too hot. The trail of the GR 7 is uphill very bad what has cost us too much time. The nature and the views are certainly worth the walk from Orgiva.

Length of walk: 14 km
Height difference: 500 m
Length of walk 'de5van' is 18 km with a height difference of 700 m

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