The acequias of Mecina-Bombarón - Alpujarras

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Today we walk a short and easy walk in Mecina-Bombarón in the Alpujarras in the Sierra Nevada in Andalusia in Spain. The trail is actually two local walks which are connected through a steep uphill climb.

We park our car at the beginning of Mecina-Bombarón in Spain and walk through the village to the start of the walk. We start with the lowest Acequias of Mecina-Bombarón. The advantage of walking along waterways is that often they aren't steep. And also in this case the waterway is easy going. We walk along this fun Acequias and enjoy several views through the trees. The walk along the Acequias of Mecina-Bombarón in Spain is very shady. There are very large chestnut trees that provide the shade. Halfway through the first Acequias we see the walking path to the top Acequias of Mecina-Bombarón. But we decide to follow the lower Acequias further. We arrive at the beginning of the Acequias and see a nice waterfall. We walk to the abandoned shed and are thus due to the end of out walk along the lower Acequias. We walk back to the walking path to the upper waterway. This waterway is 100 meters higher than the first but there is a steep climb involved.

A walking trail doesn't really exist on this steep hill climb. We are looking for the path and try to walk up this steep slope as well as possible. We are very pleased to we see high Acequias and have made it uphill. On the wall we take a short break. We walked first to the end of the waterway before we walk back to Mecina-Bombarón. The trail is well maintained and at the end is a sign that we are the end of the local footpath. We descend further down to a viewpoint, but the very large chestnut trees prevent us a beautiful view over the valley. We turn around and walk back towards Mecina-Bombarón. The upper waterway has several forms. Of a natural stream he goes in concrete walls and then into a large underground pipe. Besides beautiful views over the Alpujarras through the trees we also see different beautiful flowers. There are even part where we have to walk through an ocean of flowers. There are more flowers in the Sierra Nevada in Spain than we expected.

After a short descent we walk back into Mecina-Bombarón. By a detour we walk back to the car and eat an ice cream at one of the restaurants in Mecina-Bombarón in the Alpujarras in Spain.
This walk is very nice and not heavy. Only the connection between the two waterways is heavy. It lacks a good trail and you’ll have to search for the walking route. The walks along the waterways are also possible as separate walks. The walk along the Acequias of Mecina-Bombarón in Spain is very shady and very nice.

Length: 8 km
Altitude: 150 m

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