Circular walk near Capileira through the Poqueira valley - Alpujarras

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The walk near Capileira is high on the list of walks that we want to walk in the Sierra Nevada and the Alpujarras in in Andalusia in Spain. During this long walk we have an amazing view over the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. It is a difficult and long walk so we leave early from Orgiva in the direction of Capileira. We park our car in the village on a large parking lot.

In the center of Capileira this local walk not specified, so we search a way through the village to the start of the walk. When we find the info sign, we are at the beginning of the walk of Capileira through the Poqueira valley. The walk starts directly with a steep path up. We look out over the valley and Poqueira are very curious about the views of the Sierra Nevada. We arrive at a dirt road that we follow to the deserted village at the beginning of the gorge. On the wall at the abandoned church we take a short break before we start the big climb of 700 m uphill. At the end of the village begins the real climb up. We have to walk about 700 meters up to Cortijo de las Tomas. Fortunately there are only a couple of really steep walking parts. The rest is a bit flatter. The first part after the power is rising uphill quickly with hairpin curves. During other walks we had to walk up similar steep parts, but without the hairpin curves. So for now we are happy that the trail is in good shape and that it is in the benefit of the hikers.

Through the beautiful nature we walk uphill through the gorge. The gorge provides enough shade and nice picnic areas are available. Before we walk the last 200 meters uphill, we keep a short break at an ice cold stream. From here we climb up to Cortijo de las Thomas. At Cortijo de las Tomas the steepest part of walking up is over, but we are only halfway the miles. But we have an amazing view over the valley of Poqueira in the Alpujarras and the beautiful mountains of the Sierra Nevada in Spain.

From the Cortijo de las Tomas we walk back in the direction of Capileira. The walking trail runs along the other side of the valley of Poqueira than the outward journey. We have a beautiful view of the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada in Spain. Fortunately it is not very hot, because on this part of the walk there is no shelter for the sun. We are surprised about the different flowers we see along the walking trail near Capileira. We had expected a barren landscape at this altitude. But the walking trail is very good, the views are great, so we very much enjoy this long hike.

However, we had expected that the footpath would be a bit flatter, but instead we walk parts down and up again. After a few kilometers we see beautiful rock formations with two trees. The walking path runs right along the trees. And we see a track to the tees, so there are many walkers who cool off under the tree. Different seats are created with the stones from the area. We also take this little break before we walk towards the woods. From here we walk only downhill until Capileira. Through the woods we walk back to the walking trail where we started this morning. The last part we descend on the same walking path. After a quick descent we are back in Capileira and we leave the valley of Poqueira.

This walk has everything you want. The walking route is very well maintained and offers very nice views over the Sierra Nevada. The combination of length and height make this walk a bit heavy. In some parts of the walk no shade can to be found. So in the summer this walk will very warm. Take enough food and water for a long walk. Along the way there is no possibility to buy something. Also, good walking shoes with a good profile are required, as well as a good condition.

Length: 17 km
Altitude: about 700 m

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