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Today we want walk a local walking trail from Bérchules in the Alpujarras in the Sierra Nevada in Andalusia in Spain. This short walk is a local trail in the book is described as not too difficult. We park our car in Bérchules and begin our walk through the village.

It is a question of finding the route through the village, but after a short walk we are at the beginning of the walk through the Rio Grande Valley in the Junta de los Ríos. We walk along the irrigation channel Acequia Nueva. The irrigation canal is no longer used and is the first part of the walk filled with waste. Once we leave the civilized world is the walk more enjoyable. But soon we first encounter obstacles. We must walk through dense vegetation and we climb over fallen trees. Also, the channel is broken in a number of places.

And with the irrigation channel the walking path is gone as well. By new hikers walking paths were laid, but these are not always safe. Some pieces are not without risk, including a steep abyss and a piece of missing walking path on a steep abyss. Fortunately, the trail to the end gets better and we reach our end point of this walk. We arrive at the bridge and the ruins at Río Chico. Here we take a break and come to the conclusion that this walking trail near Bérchules is no longer maintained.

From the Río Chico you can continue hiking, but had enough and walk back the same way. Along the dense undergrowth, knocked out trails and scree we walk back to Bérchules. Nature in the Rio Grande Valley is incredibly beautiful, but the trail is certainly a damper on this walk.

The walk to Bérchules in the Alpujarras in Spain is very beautiful but does take into account a non-maintained trail. The vegetation is so dense that some pieces for tall people are hard to walk. Also, there are some dangerous parts in the walk. Wear good shoes with a good profile and take time for this walk. There is along the way besides Bérchules no food or drink available.

Length: 8.4 km
Height difference: 150 m

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