Walking the Otter Trail until the waterfall - Tsitsikamma National Park - South Africa

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We wake up and it is still raining a bit. We would like to walk, but as things stand, the rain won't let us. So we get up in no hurry at all, eat breakfast and hope for the sun. During the last cup of coffee, the first sun rays appear.

We pack our bags and start walking. We cross the Storms River Mouth Rest Camp to the start of the Otter Trail in Tsitsikamma National Park. The Otter Trail is a multi-day walking tour of Tsitsikamma National Park. You need a special permit to walk the Otter Trail further than the waterfall. Fortunately, we will not walk further than the waterfall, since we have only one day. Our plan is to go to the waterfall and walk over the Blue Duiker trail back to camp.

The first part of the walk is a very well walking trail. The next kilometer is lousy. We climb over logs, walking over rocks and climbing over rocks. We see various people drop out in this piece. We are lucky to wear good shoes, but the distance is not easily reduced. It seems ages to cover the next kilometer. At the Guano Cave is time for a short break. After the short break we walk up the stairs and climb over rocks. Sandra does not feel so confident on the stones and struggling to find the yellow feet on the rocks.

The last kilometer is a very well path to walk, and we soon arrive at the impressive waterfall. There is so much water from the waterfall and we take a long time watching to the waterfall and the waves in the sea.

The way back across the stone seems to go a lot faster. We speak several people asking how far it is to the waterfall. With a GPS is quickly seen. We encounter a couple who just before the end of this miserable piece is reversed. We assure them that the worst part is over and the rest of the trail is much better.

This morning we have already seen the junction of the Blue Duiker trail and marked it in our GPS. So we cannot miss the turn. Soon we find the junction and start our hike on the Blue Duiker trail.

The first part of the walk is fairly steep. We walk in the woods, but because the sun is shining it is oppressive in the woods. The path through the forest is very beautiful very well laid out.

At one intersection we keep right and continue to follow the Blue Duiker trail. The vegetation of the nature in Tsitsikamma National Park is extremely diverse. We are impressed by the tall trees, but also of the little flowers that we see. And then we suddenly pass a second waterfall. It is the little brother of the other waterfall, but he is just so beautiful. We are totally surprised by this nice little waterfall. The trail across the stream is another challenge. We arrive at the other side without getting wet and continue our walk.

We should see the Loerie Trail here somewhere, but there are no hanging signs. We walk a little detour and eventually come to the right path.
At the lookout we enjoy the view and take one last break. Then we descend quickly down to Storms River Mouth Rest Camp in Tsitsikamma National Park. We sit on our veranda overlooking the sea. While enjoying pounding waves we look back on a beautiful day in Tsitsikamma National Park.

Length: 11 km
Height difference: about 100 meters

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